Antitrust, Competition and Distribution Law

Who We Are and What We Do

Antitrust law was not born yesterday and neither were we. For decades, our antitrust team has guided clients as enforcement theories have shifted and state and federal agencies and private litigants have changed their emphasis and tactics. This is an area of the law that attracts novel claims requiring creative and expert responses. We address those challenges by understanding our clients’ goals and tolerance for risk and then designing strategies to meet them.

While we carry a broad docket of cases, we may be best known from our work for a high-profile client, the National Collegiate Athletic Association. For the NCAA we have defended a host of important cases including challenges to its tournament, scholarship, and licensing practices and policies. 

Over the decades, we have sometimes served as plaintiffs’ counsel, seeking relief, from among others, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.

Much of our work takes place outside the courtroom. On the transactional side, we counsel companies and investors through merger negotiations and Hart-Scott-Rodino reviews. In litigation, when appropriate, we work with our clients to fashion creative settlements. The settlement process is enhanced by our reputation for winning and willingness to take cases to trial.

Our practice has long included distribution-related disputes. While these matters often require the same analysis as antitrust cases, they typically grow out of contract, dealership or franchise disputes. We have handled national and local matters for banks, communications, food and manufacturing companies. This appears to be an issue of growing concern to companies and the plaintiffs’ bar. As such, we counsel our clients on risk and avoidance strategies. In this area, too, the most efficient handling of litigation is to avert it.

Our Lawyers

Greg Curtner leads our practice. Greg is a prominent antitrust and class action litigator with more than four decades experience handling complex and sensitive matters. He has tried cases and argued appeals in courts across the nation. 

Our deep bench of experienced trial lawyers, including eight former Assistant U.S. Attorneys, supports Greg. We don’t go looking for courtroom fights; they are expensive and can destroy salvageable relationships. But because of our experience, we don’t have to walk away from a fight worth having.


Our Approach and Results

In our view, disputes take place in a larger context than the four walls of a courtroom. We begin each matter by working to understand our clients’ business and their goals. Then we develop strategies that will help them meet their needs and avoid unfavorable results. We want to align ourselves with our clients. We seek both solutions to immediate problems, and strategies that will assist clients in prospering in the future.

We recognize that disputes often need to be resolved quickly and effectively to keep a business relationship on course or to preserve scarce resources. To meet that need, we have the experience to provide insightful early case assessment and to develop appropriate early exit strategies. But when a prompt resolution is not possible, we bring the same creativity, passion and resolve to the courtroom.

Delivering Value

We deliver value to our clients and align our pricing mechanism with our clients’ business needs and expectations. Our partners become fully invested in each matter because effective advocacy is a hands-on venture. We believe that lean litigation teams can deliver great results in a cost-effective manner.